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How many animals have YOU saved by not eating them? #animals #vegan #veganism #animalrights #govegan #stopeatinganimals #vegetarian #helpinganimals #neverbesilent

This spells it out clearly: eating vegetarian DOES make a difference! Non-harming, also known as ahimsa, should be taken to account as much as possible, with every bite.

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Teaching a precious innocent child to kill is heartbreaking. Republicans approve of selling guns to 5 year olds.

Puppy Farming needs to end!!! Please share, it will only take 2 seconds but if it stops just one person from buying a puppy from a puppy farm then it's worth it. DO NOT buy from pet shops and DO NOT buy puppies when you can't see mum and dad!! Or better still...RESCUE!

Puppy Farming needs 2 end! Please share, it only takes but if it stops u frm buying frm a puppy farm then it's worth it. DO NOT buy from pet shops & DO NOT buy puppies when u can't see mum & dad! RESCUE frm death at th shelter!

seriously, pit bulls are the bad ones?

"Humans buy me. Humans overbreed me. Humans cut my ears off. Humans beat me. Humans make me fight. And I'm the one they want to ban? I'm the one who gets the bad rap? I'm the one you fear?

Adopt Rescue Animals

Each year, well over 1 million abandoned animals die in shelters and pounds while waiting for someone to love.