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end factory farming

I think "going vegan" Is a tad much. But you can avoid this. Raise your own or support local farmers and ranchers that do it! end factory farming

This is why I am vegan.

It's not a steak, or egg, or a carton of milk - it's a life! your bacon / ham / pork / burger / roast / beef / steak / veal / lamb / chicken / turkey / duck / eggs / milk / cream / cheese

This is abuse.

Assholes should be out there freezing to death in the snow for doing this to this poor dog! All animal abuse should be a felony and deserve jail time and a ban from pets for life!

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Help defenseless strays---don't chase them away! Many of these animals were once family pets who were cruely dumped to fend for themselves. Put yourself in their shoes - dont add to the cruelty. Show the compassion you would want shown to you. So sad :(

Animal abuse

please share! This is horrible! That little poor puppy is so cute.such an evil sick twisted man! :( Find this sick twisted man! Give justice to the little puppy that was forced to do this!

This makes my blood boil. Every person who buys from a pet store, or dumps their family members at the shelter, should be made to look at this photo everyday.

A normal Day at an Animal Shelter from Beginning To End. We Let these Humans Do This To Our Animals? How Pathetic Humans Are? I want to do that who do these horrendous things to our beautiful Animals :'(: Cat, Rescue Animals, Ani

Puppy Farming needs to end!!! Please share, it will only take 2 seconds but if it stops just one person from buying a puppy from a puppy farm then it's worth it. DO NOT buy from pet shops and DO NOT buy puppies when you can't see mum and dad!! Or better still...RESCUE!

Puppy Farming needs 2 end! Please share, it only takes but if it stops u frm buying frm a puppy farm then it's worth it. DO NOT buy from pet shops & DO NOT buy puppies when u can't see mum & dad! RESCUE frm death at th shelter!