Three Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker

The Chemex Three Cup Classic Glass Coffee Maker is an elegant plastic-free drip coffee maker. This three cup model is perfect for an individual or a couple.

[ hario ]: cold water coffee dripper

Hario scores again with an impressive looking drip coffee maker that makes incredibly smooth, delicious coffee. The Hario Water Dripper coffee pot produces a full-flavored cup of coffee that’s low in acid and high in body using the classic Japanese col

Chemex coffee maker

Join the slow coffee movement . Simple function and visual elegance combine for the optimum extraction of full rich-bodied coffee.

Vitamix....I want one of these one day!

You're all set for a kale and carrot smoothie, pop the ingredients and some ice in your blender, hit pulses and end up with a clumpy mess. One thing is clear: not all blenders are built alike.

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