Wow, I feel like this is me.  We're all stuck following the rules of social culture and we can't be who we really want to be.  I have a gothic mindset and I'd much rather dress goth or emo, but society says it's wrong to do so and so I'm stuck playing the part of the good, normal little girl.

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10 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi. The shoes are named after the themes that inspired the artist in creating them: Miao, Banana, Tulip, Blow, Chewing gum, Cheerleader red, Rooster black, Stork, Slide, Sling Shot

10 amazing shoes and footwear designed by Kobi Levi. The shoes are named after……

Collage by Sean Gadoury. °

Collage Art, Surreal Art, Archival Print, Home Decor "Nostalgia" - Original collage by Sean Gadoury, This is an archival print of t.

Such a unique idea. So mermaid fetch i would love to say id do this but i dont have the courage to have things like that on display for everyone to see

30 Clever Tattoos That Make Good Use Of The Body. Number 8 is Amazing.

Javier Jaen Benavides

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by athenapaola

Think different: use edible marijuana, not drugs! Make your own delicious Dragon Teeth mints or Cannabis chocolates;

Katrine Kalleklev 2011

This art work reminds me of the mixed media anthropomorphic artist, Kim Wassak. This fine artist is Katrine Kalleklev.

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Artist creates 12 crazy shoes for his 12 ex lovers. These shoes are definitely crazy