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Not the nose ring tho. Even with the nose ring tho

I am Princess Tessa of Miona, and I'm 17 soon! Our kingdom is not large, but it does prosper. I am stubborn and…

Forever21 Black Top

15 Ways to Wear Grunge Crop Tops

Forever21 Black Top

Grunge Style

i love this haircolour Love it!


i love the grunge style so muchb

@ victoriaannais ❤️

Amazing makeup, makes her eyes pop.


lolaveda: Mar Ordonez for Oyster Magazine

expressions / Brought to you by

Pretty Silly Faces refs.

Doe eyed #goth girl

Doe eyed girl she's beautiful

tiit: lifeofthesearchparty: sara tiit staring at me this bitxh ugly imo

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Anastasia Louise (I think)

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gorgeous goth hair and makeup

#Goth glam look with pentacle hoop earrings

Goth glam look with pentacle hoop earrings

Autumn: Okay this sounds pathetic and lame but everyone else is coupled up. Wanna come to my sisters party thing with me?


“ justwatchthesunrise: “ “ laura-goodchild: “ Self Portrait ” god damn who are you sexy ” wow ” how is this even possible?