Helsinki ~ Finland

Going for a bird's eye view / Töölö, Helsinki, Finland / photographed by M. Muinonen, 2008 / creative commons CC BY-NC-ND

A note about the Finnish language

A note about the Finnish language

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Finnish conjugation!


makes me all the more impressed with the fact that my dad learned rudimentary Finnish in his

Definition of "sisu"

Our family motto is fortitude ~~ "sisu what it means to every Finnish person Learn about the Finns and way of believing in never give up"

Hän. The #Finnish language does not have gender specific words for he and she. only the neutral hän

The Finnish language does not have the gender specific words for he and she. Hen in swedish

Well, that's one way to remember #Finnish words

Eläinlajit how to learn Finnish easily and with humor . a hilarious link

Mean while in Finland... Me ollaan ihan tavallinen kansa! – 10 harrastusta suoraan Suomesta | Vivas

Community Post: 12 Surprising Things In Which Finland Is The Best In The World

Finnish language: all snow and no please

How do you tell the difference between a Finnish introvert and a Finnish extrovert? The extrovert is staring at your shoes.

Suomalainen namnen

Suomalainen namnen

The Memes Factory  This is a picture of Aurora Boralis, Finland

culturenlifestyle: “ Rare White Curtain Auroras Seen Over Finland Behold stargazers, this is not an art installation. These are actually stunning white Northern Lights in Finland. The stunning Aurora Borealis resemble a white curtain, which seems to.

Ice flowers in Finland

Funny pictures about Ice flowers in Finland. Oh, and cool pics about Ice flowers in Finland. Also, Ice flowers in Finland.

Meanwhile in Finland - Bing Images

Tell me you do this, outside, in the winter, when it's outside.

Ben Affleck Is The New Batman – Meme. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.