Piamaria Tiihonen

Piamaria Tiihonen

Piamaria Tiihonen
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White Stork breeds in open farmland areas with access to marshy wetlands, building a large stick nest in trees, on buildings, or on purpose-built man-made platforms. Each nest is 3.3–6.6 ft in depth, 2.6–4.9 ft in diameter, and 130–550 lbs in weight. Nests are built in loose colonies. Not persecuted as it is viewed as a good omen, it often nests close to human habitation; in southern Europe, nests can be seen on churches and other buildings.

White Stork breeds in open farmland areas with access to marshy wetlands…

June Hunter (@junehunterimages) on Instagram: “Raven, incoming!

Raven Walker - Signed Fine Art Square Photograpic Print by June Hunter, Ready to Frame, Black and White


Crows on a sign in Irvine, Scotland // photo by Amelia Murray.want to duplicate the sign post for my garden, pointing to my favorite places.

Crow painting

Lindsey Kustusch 12 - if someone can actually replicate this identically without missing a minute detail, then this would be an incredible piece of body art. Huginnin and Munin

Raven  - like the feathers poofing from his neck

I serve the Beloved Creator. Spirit guides me as I deliver messages to those in need. I work in multi dimensions. Upon the Earth plane, I am Raven and Crow. Ed Post Common Raven (Corvus corax)