ToG - Wig Tutorial for Pascal -

Stop playing! This tutorial is for anime wigs/hair but this is seriously an easy way to do ombré! I have so many unworn wigs that I've kept for years bc I didn't like the color but spent way too much money to throw it away!

Make Polyarmor. Like Worbla, but better and cheaper.

How to Make Your Own Worbla

Marowak Skull Mask Tutorial- Worbla Scraps by on @DeviantArt

Marowak Skull Mask Tutorial- Worbla Scraps by TerminaCosplay; Awesome tutorial for working with Worbla and Friendly Plastic in general - detailed instructions (Diy Paper Mask)

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How to fix a fried wig

cosplaying-on-a-budget: “ Disclaimer: I am not a professional wig stylist. This is just a trick that I found works for me on some of my wigs that I’ve accidentally fried. It will not work on all types of wigs but it should work on most. A good rule.

That Godamned Collar by TragicUglyDuckling on deviantART

Respect to all those who make tutorials! It takes years to make one! I thought "yeah I can scr. That Godamned Collar