Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid by Al Whitaker

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - G-d was in a techno-color glory mood- don't you agree?Oh Batty, why don't MY slippers look like that?

Black Bleeding Heart

Dicentra Spectabilis Seeds ★ Jettus Black ★ Hardy Shade Perennial Seeds ★ I am sure this is photoshopped but I love it anyway and want some!

Gorgeous colour - Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder Lily Flower - Arum Lilies

Arum Lily Tubers ~ Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder + 2 FREE Zantedeschia pentlandii Tubers

Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder Lily Flower - Black Arum Lilies - Blood Red Calla Lily Love this shade

Tartan Dahlia

Must plant this Spring: Dahlias Dahlia 'Tartan' - White and dark red petals are long and twist and turn towards the ends. Blooms measure across.

'Magic Dogwood

I so need to plant some cornus trees this is awesome.'Magic Dogwood' - Cornus florida subspecies urbiniana - is a rare Mexican version of the common American Dogwood tree.

Scary Flowers

Snapdragon or dragon flower is a popular garden plant which seed pods transforms into something more macabre. The skull of the dead dragon!

✯ Strawflower These are great flowers - they close up at night and the centers open in the morning light. So pretty.

Xerochrysum bracteatum, commonly known as the golden everlasting or strawflower, is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae native to Australia.

"The Heavens Declare"  Daylily

"The Heavens Declare" Daylily> Love daylilies they are such good "doers" and this is a superb example. One downside - Hermocallis gall - these have attacked my plants for the past 3 year, luckilynot all flower heads are affected.

Datura purple queen double, angels trumpet

Datura purple queen double - angels trumpet - 15 seeds: Datura (syn: Brugmansia) purple double queen has beautiful purple metallic-colored flowers. Datura is an attractive, all summer flowering pot plant, which develops in a short time into a neat shrub.


Japanische Krötenlilie (Tricyrtis hirta) = "Hairy Toad Lily" or "Japanese Toad Lily"

Pink Mink, a Protea flower

Pink Mink Protea (Protea neriifolia) The Protea plant loves the more cooler climate. The Protea gardeners do pretty good in sales on the Island of Maui in Hawaii.