"Alice Through The Looking Glass". This sculpture is located in Guildford's Castle Grounds in a walled garden behind the bowling green, near the house that Lewis Carroll used to rent. It was created by sculptor Jeanne Argent.The 4ft figure was modelled on the sculptor's daughter Anne and was installed in 1990.

Alice is one of my heroines! Alice Through The Looking Glass Guildford Castle secret garden, Guildford, United Kingdom. Can't wait for Once Upon A Time: Wonderland!


Drawing Expectations

:O If I had the power to draw magical people who would come to life, I'd draw Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch and hide them under my bed! And feed them tea and cookies and pudding! :D I'D DO THE SAM THING

banksy This is Art, not Mine nor yours, but It deserves to be seen...by everyone...Share it...

Banksy This is Art, not Mine nor yours, but It deserves to be seen.Share it.America says, kiss our ass.

Dark art: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

Dark art: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil. They always forget do no Evil

☆ The Lovers :→: Artist James Flaxman ☆

☆ The Lovers :→: Artist James Flaxman ☆ tied to chairs, pointed wooden legs, hearts dangling out front on pole from chest,

Amazing shadow art. How do they do that???

Special Shadows

Funny pictures about Special Shadows. Oh, and cool pics about Special Shadows. Also, Special Shadows photos.


Inspired by the fiction of Thomas Ligotti and other dark masters of the horrific, Aeron Alfrey views the world as a strange and weird place, full of mysterious creatures. His monsters are abominable and his landscapes filled with creepy crawlies.

Creepy Cute by Cohen Gum

Creepy Cute explores the beautifully strange and delightful artistry of Cohen Gum & Minnette Michael. Minnette a maker of exquisitely cute, handmade jewelry and Cohen an outlandish illustrator fascinated by fictional characters and glorious colours.