Eemeli Myyryläinen

Eemeli Myyryläinen

Eemeli Myyryläinen
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Primarch Angron with his World eaters

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I edit an photo

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Necron lord vs Space marine

Necron Overlord by NicholasKay

Space marine Chaplain

Grimaldus of the Black Templars

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Captain Titus vs Chaos space marine

Titus is a Captain of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter and commander of the Ultramarines Company who has fought for the Imperium of Man for more than 150 Terran years.

Huron Blackheart

Huron Blackheart, Primarch of the Red Corsairs

The God emperor of Mankind

The Emperor of Mankind, resplendent in his golden Artificer Armour