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[Meditations on Murder]  Darker thoughts perch in... - we are what we do, and I am drawing.

tumblebuggie: [Meditations on Murder] Darker thoughts perch in the branches of Will’s mind. ❚❚❚❚❚❚❚❙❙❘❘ more hannibal things

Hannibal - oh this is spot on.

Hannibal - "drew this back before the show even aired and totally forgot it was sitting in my drafts. one's a cannibal psychiatrist, the other pretends to be serial killers for a living! TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME.

Hannibal TCA's 1/19/2014 Hugh's face though, "oh don't mind me, just being gnawed on by Hannibal..."

I feel like this image sort of sums up the Hannibal show

I love how Mason's just all the way in the back. //Hannibal Victim Support Group. #Fan art

herospy: Hannibal Victim Support Group I very much hope this is the first scene in the first episode of season All the people that Hanni.