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This statement is so powerful! How many of you have tattoos and piercings because you think it looks pretty and not for sociological reasons?      Check out to learn more about Support Tattoos And Piercings At Work!

Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work

i swearz to the God.

One of my favorite feelings

Whilst this guy paints a picture of an ideal world. | 28 People Who Totally Kinda Had A Little Bit Of A Point

Make Photoshop illegal and let's all feel better about ourselves!

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>>>>> Though it kinda irks me how is seems like it says we have to I mean I do these but not all women do and it is a personal choice


MY PEOPLE. I have made soooo many (imaginary) music videos

I'm a walking irony.

I'm a walking irony.<<I'm a walking irony!


I'd have no problems getting a tattoo on a whim. But a sticker? Nope, that shit is forever.

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I love days where I have no schedule, just a break so I can sleep all day.

April Ludgate from Parks and Rec says that about the animals in the shelter

You sound like the best friend ever, or at least my best friend ever. Why must you live so far away?

hahahshs this is me soz