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Domino's Pizza Copycat Recipes (and tons of other restaurants' recipes on the right hand menu). This is the best copycat collection I've seen!

I love pizza. I could eat pizza every single day. My Favorite type of pizza is cheese or Hawaiian. I would eat Hawaiian more. It could be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. i wouldn't mind. I mean who doesn't like pizza?

Greek Salad Pizza with Beet Hummus

Not a huge beet person but I feel like I would like this: Greek Salad Pizza with Beet Hummus. And so colorful too!

Toasted Garlic + Swiss Chard Pizza l  (27)

There's so much flavor in this garlic swiss chard pizza. Whole wheat dough, topped it with sauteed chard, toasted garlic, red onions and lots of Gruyere.

Homemade butternut, arugula pesto and goat cheese pizza -

Gourmet homemade pizza made with roasted butternut ribbons, homemade arugula-pepita pesto, goat cheese and a whole grain crust. You can make the pesto and the dough in your food processor, so this pizza is pretty easy to whip up! Recipe yields two pizzas.