country house sauna with Burton Burton Burton Flemming and Pearl Liu Grinsteinner Barley

Modern style.

goCstudio is raising funds for FLOATING SAUNA on Kickstarter! goCstudio's design for a wood-fired floating sauna aims for a 2015 spring construction and summer launch!

Méchant Studio Blog: a summer finish house.

a summer finish house....

Beautiful view from this sauna...

If you never have then you really must put sauna on your to do list. Sauna in the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. Designed by Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki Architecture.


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Smoked sauna.

Exterior of the traditional Juuka based smoke sauna introduced in the Wall…


Sauna - 10 x 10 Tulikivi soapstone tiles. Soapstone retains the heat and it is not slippery when wet.

Rajaportin sauna, Pispala, Tampere, Finland

My favourite places: Rajaportin sauna, Pispala, Tampere, Finland

Finnish Smoke Sauna

Last summer I had my first smoke sauna experience and I will never forget it. My friend invited me to her summer place with a beautiful dark smoke sauna.