Museum at FIT, item #P88.28.1 c1830 green silk satin afternoon dress. English. The deeply saturated color of the dress represents a tendency towards the use of darker, more vivid hues. Traditionally symbolizing nature, the color green, with its connotations of luck in Ireland and sanctity in the Islamic religion, is reflective of the “exoticism” that was popular during the Romantic periods.

This is an example of a silk Romantic Period style dress. It shows the leg-of-mutton sleeve which was very popular at the beginning of the period.

Dress, 1831-35 From Cora Ginsburg

kind of regretting drawing her in an dress now, because look at these sleeves and tell me those aren't literal Claydol arms. Maybe I'll low-key insert some elements the next time I draw her in non-Iranian fashion.

Pelerine, ca. 1835.

PelerineDate: ca. 1835 Culture: American Medium: Cotton Pelerines are wide capelike collars that extends over the shoulders and down across the bosom

Pink Silk Embroidered Evening Gown - c 1830 - England

Pink silk embroidered evening gown, High-waisted Regency gown with puffed sleeves, ribbon sash and embroidered leaf motifs around the neckline and hem.

Wedding dress (detail) ca. 1838 From the Wadsworth Atheneum via the Hartford Courant

Wedding dress (detail) ca. 1838 From the Wadsworth Atheneum via the Hartford Courant.dress on loan from Connecticut Historical Society.