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Hey! Marimeko Plate. Inspiration. Thrift store and a porcelain pen?

Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha Dinner Plate Let this Siirtolapuutarha plate influence an appreciation for mushrooms as it's decorated with a line drawing of a cut mushroom. This dinner plate is a part of the Marimekko Oiva dinnerware collection .

I'm probably going absolutely insane, but I've been starting to think that this might be the best living room curtain for me... (6 months ago I wouldn't have even thought such things!)

Inspired by the same urban cottage garden theme as Siirtolapuutarha, graphic Räsymatto is another Maija Louekari design. It´s a stylised rag rug there on the cottage floor, waiting for the gardeners to come home. In heavyweight cotton.

Marimekko and Iittala

Marimekko and Iittala … my two favourite Finnish brands xx