Rosenquarz Ring Rose Gold Ring Infinity Ring Symbol von Luxuring

Silver with pearl, love the infinity knot. Rose Quartz Ring Rose Gold Ring Infinity Knot Ring by Luxuring

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Lumoava Eden

Lumoava Eden

oi nätti

"Lumoava Hertta" (quote) Pendant made of sterling silver Finnish design by Carina Blomqvist Made in Finland by saurum.

Vanilja Pendant by Lumoava

Vanilja Pendant by Lumoava Finland

Lumoava Eden

Lumoava Eden

Eelis Aleksi for Lumoava ~Warrior silver ring |

This massive silver ring is a part of Warrior (Soturi) collection including also silver pendant of two types and bracelet.

Carina Blomqvist / Lumoava - Eden (ring)

Carina Blomqvist / Lumoava - Eden (ring)

PauliinaK / Lumoava - Nightingale (earrings)

These silver earrings make you smile and let your dreams fly!

Eelis Aleksi / Lumoava - Woodsman (pendant)

Eelis Aleksi for Lumoava ~Huntsman (pendant)

PauliinaK / Lumoava - Nightingale (pendant)

Delicate and tender silver pendant of Nightingale jewellery set including also a necklace and pair of earrings.

carina blomqvist pendant

A silver Bella pendant with a chain.

PauliinaK / Lumoava - Siren (pendant)

Siren pendant is just brilliant.