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Compression Shorts with a Built In Holster for Running at Night.I think every girl needs one of these First I need to start running at night. Second I'd need a gun. Third I'd maybe be afraid to run with a gun. But it's a good thought!

How to make Homemade Shotgun Shells for when SHTF. #emergencypreparedness #shtf #DIY #shotgunshells #primalsurvivor

How to make Homemade Shotgun Shells for when SHTF. #emergencypreparedness #shtf #DIY #shotgunshells #primalsurvivor


The Lanyard Knot (a. Diamond Knot) is a decorative knot that's used to add grip to a lanyard. In this HOW TO TIE KNOTS, learn how to tie a Lanyard Knot.

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Sorry this one doesn't have censored nipples. - Imgur

You should be able to fit a finger between the rope and the skin. If you can’t then it’s too tight.ties like the dragonfly sleeve, do not yank at the arms and pull them back. Be gentle and do it gradually so you don’t strain the arms or the joints.