Space inside - Here’s a super realistic tattoo (on the skin part only though) that shows off how you are a galaxy inside you. It could mean that you are a mystery. Behind all those physical traits, you could be something much more than what others perceive of you.

40 Space Tattoo Ideas

You never know what is lying just beneath the skin; there could be a cyborg or superhero lurking right in the open. These awesome ripped skin tattoos give a peek into what is actually on the inside.

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Must find an artist who does glow in the dark ink. Glow in the dark jelly tattoo.


never change a things.even fully a single father and yet.i love my daughter till my dying day.daddy love you.

The day when you schedule all your next appointments. | 27 Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Tattoos

The day when you schedule all your next appointments.

A Evil Toddler meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

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50 Of The Most Beautiful Wolf Tattoo Designs The Internet Has Ever Seen

As we mentioned above, today we’re going to satisfy our ink hunger with the most beautiful wolf tattoo designs that the internet has ever seen