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Uomo: fisico a trapezio - Man: trapezoid body shape
As for shirts, especially the denim ones, the best choice is a pocket free shirt, or at least one that comes with very minimal pockets, possibly in the lower area and not on the chest. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/08/29/uomo-fisico-a-trapezio-man-trapezoid-body-shape/
Uomo: fisico a trapezio – Man: trapezoid body shape

Uomo: fisico a trapezio – Man: trapezoid body shape

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Washed out jeans  add more bulk to your thighs. Bermuda shorts shouldn’t go lower than your knees and must have a straight hem. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/09/18/uomo-fisico-a-rettangolo-men-rectangular-body-shape/
cThis is that kind of body every man aims for, because a well trained rectangle has muscle VS zero fat mass. When they get fat instead, as I already told for women as well, the first part where your fat goes is the belly. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/09/18/uomo-fisico-a-rettangolo-men-rectangular-body-shape/
There are no areas that need minimising so they can get away with most things. You can wear patterns and decorations both on your top and bottom and still look slim, you can mix-match colors as you prefer; a quick tip is to use light colors for the top piece so your bust will look larger and more muscular. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/09/18/uomo-fisico-a-rettangolo-men-rectangular-body-shape/

Uomo: fisico a rettangolo -Men rectangular body shape

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The main tract here are those wide shoulders, larger than the hips and a very narrow waistline. Your chest is also broad and bulky, along with your arms. Hips and legs are narrow and slim and they look even skinnier because of your wide torso, especially when compared to a  trained one. This means that an inverted triangle puts the extra weight first in...continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/09/28/uomo-fisico-a-triangolo-invertito-men-inverted-triangle-body-shape/
Jackets and coats should have a minimal as possible neckline, so for example choose a leather jacket without collar flaps. The perfect lenght is the longer one, with a belt or an elastic line on the waist. It also has big pockets. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/09/28/uomo-fisico-a-triangolo-invertito-men-inverted-triangle-body-shape/
Uomo: fisico a triangolo invertito – Men: inverted triangle body shape

Uomo: fisico a triangolo invertito – Men: inverted triangle body shape

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What we have here is: sloping shoulders, long limbs, chest narrower than hips, so lower body area heavier than upper part. Of course there are many ways to create “optical illusions” to balance this kind of body as well. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/10/07/uomo-fisico-a-triangolo-men-triangle-body-shape/
What we are going to do here is to enlarge the chest and drive the attention on it, and in order to achieve this result you need to wear straight shirts (and jumpers and whatsoever) then remember, never go too slim but never too loose as well. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/10/07/uomo-fisico-a-triangolo-men-triangle-body-shape/

Uomo: fisico a triangolo – Men: triangle body shape

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The goal here is to enlarge a bit the chest and the legs while reducing the middle area (belly).. In order to get these goals you should always wear tops at least one shade darker than your trousers. The best necklines are V shaped and button down collars as they slim and elongate your neck and face. Continues here: https://thestyleleague.it/2018/10/18/uomo-fisico-ovale-men-oval-body-shape/
Men with this kind of body  have set down shoulders and also the top of the hipbone is set lower, the back is large, arms are bulky and butt is flat (sorry). They also have a short neck and a fuller face while legs instead are slender compared to the rest of the body. Oval men first put weight on the abdomen area and tend to become cylindrical as they get heavier. Is there any trick to balance the whole figure then? check the website, click on the picture

Uomo: Fisico ovale – Men: Oval body shape

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