I'm a teenaged girl. Obsessed with Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games and Imagine Dragons. I don't speak native English so sorry about some mistakes in spelling.
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This Girl Received A Standing Ovation

Yeon-mi Park refuses to be silenced on the systemic human rights abuses in North Korea. Something more needs to be done, and North Korea is not the only place where this is happening.

headcanon that will is the grumpiest little shit in winter and that nico angrily takes care of him | art by sandrasfandoms

Will is the grumpiest little shit in the winter and Nico has some common sense to give Will a cup of hot cocoa and a blankie

Lol Will and Nico

Oh, Nico. Like Will said, a plan which does not involve murder please. xD // Nico has a wedding ring on his left hand?// it's his skull ring


“i hate wonder bread ” WOOPS SURPRISE also disclaimer the pikachu filter isn’t real it’s a variation of the storm eyes one bye of 9 Hero SnapChibis (x) Available as a stickers/prints/etc. on RedBubble! (x) Commission Info

Frank and Leo

They're making a third movie but with a different network and the fired Logan lerman and they recasts it with actual fourteen year olds!

Only two people can be that evil to Jason: Percy and Piper. Their friendship is…

There are two people who exist to systematically destroy Jason Grace: one of them uses inappropriate sexual gestures and well-timed winking, and the other is his girlfriend.

Nico and Hazel

joker-ace: “Here’s my piece for the ft. the underworld siblings, with Nico giving a shadow show for the ghost kids at some local cemetery c: You can still get the PDF ver. of the sibling zine.