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Valtteri Sarkkinen

Valtteri Sarkkinen
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Faith in humanity restored...

Zanjeer the dog saved thousands of lives during Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993 by detecting more than kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors in brave Zanjeer.

Proud furry

I am an incredibly proud furry bitches!

Furry and proud

Wag your tails, fellow furries!<< *Wag's my tail. *Trip's on my tail, landing on my face, letting out a muffled: "Furry pride!


Nina, she is 16 and the girls basketball team captain. She is competitive and will not stand to loose, she never gets jealous.

Furries :3 Furry Fandom

Furries Furry Fandom Also, furries can be on four legs as well. It's called feral

im trying to get back to the fandom and my art,but this may give me my answer

Heh there is a group of kids at school who tease me and call me a furry just because I was drawing furries as characters for a story a friend of mine wanted my help for. Unfortunately one of them is even in my band class. But hey haters gonna hate


Running with wolves, flying with the birds, and swimming with sharks. We will all stick together Furry Pride