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Taoris Dip!!! I am not a shipper, but this is SOOO CUUUUTEEE!!! - Huang ZiTao & Wu Yi Fan/ Kris

Our shipping meter for Taoris has reached lvel: NEVER TURNING BACK we are forever shipping this whether we want to admit or not

Exo - Tao "God dammit , you look so perfect"

Exo - Tao "God dammit , you look so perfect" You mean so much to ne❤

i found this moment so cute Chen Tao>> waa such cuties!! Tao singing and chen touching his chin with affection!!

I found this Moment so cute Chen Tao >> waa such cuties ! Tao singing and Chen touching his chin with affection !

Tao and Kris why are you doing this to us

LOL exo tao interview EXO-M exo m kevin wu exom Kris edison wu fan zitao Wufan huang zitao kris and tao kris wu tao and kris taoris wu yi fan wu yifan edison huang huang zi tao one is never enough exoplosive


omg OAO My Taoris feelzzzzzzzz omygash wueee ; why does Taoris not exist anymore ; THIS IS TOO CUTE it still exists