sauna like Russians- get sweaty, roll around in the snow, warm up again (supposedly good for immune system and invigorates metabolism )

sauna - like the grey wood instead of the more common red. Feels more relaxing

nl Sauna on the Arctic Circle with Tulikivi Sumu saunaheater.

Cutting a Perfect Circle with a Router

prisposobleniя dlя frezerа po derevu svoimi rukаmi: 24 tыs izobrаženiй nайdeno v Яndeks.

Idé för lampa av björk..?

Jay Watson Bio Mass Lights Made From Tree Branches

The Bio Mass pendant light by designer Jay Watson features ash wood branches, hollowed out with an LED light placed inside. Think you could DIY this one?- idea for my birch tubes.

☘ renovated farmhouse

Carlos Quintáns - House in Paderne (built on top of the foundation of a historic barn), Stone to Timber top

Joyas de la arquitectura rural Asturiana. Cabazo de #Taramundi

Joyas de la arquitectura rural Asturiana. Cabazo de #Taramundi