So first I saw a picture of Hiddles like this. Then a different painting, but Cumberbatched. Now this, and my life...

Jonghyun's photo-shopped pictures of Minho - jonghyun key minho onew shinee taemin derp

Yes! Key sometimes thinks he's not handsome because of the rest of SHINee members are just extra handsome but you do you, Key! You da sassiest and best fashionista in the whole group!

Hahha omg 😂 Key was surprised by his male fan, he probably got embarrassed 😂😍😍 Anyways, just think about how happy that guy must've been! He got acknowledged by his bias

YooGeun (Hello Baby) and MinHo (SHINee) macro

Minho and YooGeun father and son . Hello Baby made me fall in love with SHINEE . And YooGeun i love them ❤️

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SHINee's 'View' reaches 1st place on 'Music Bank'.<<<

SHINee's 'View' reaches place on 'Music Bank'.<<<<thanks to Minho's sexy arms in their mv, hot damn

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Minho Shinee SM Season Greetings

SHINee's 2017 Season Greetings got me shook - Celebrity Photos