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the person you took for granited today, may turn out to be the person you need
Watch those bridges
Words so simple and people forget them all the time myself included
the more you wake up to who you are, the more unbearable it becomes to be who you are not
graffiti written on the side of a yellow wall with writing below it that reads destroy the short - term doppie fed back
a black and white photo with the words,'i am sorry to you that is in
Do I need to be reminded I am overweight?
a black and white photo with the words surround yourself with people who fight for you in rooms you aren't in
the words you will inspire some and anny others do it anyway on a white background
amazing words
always hate haters
this pin is about haters
Thoughts, Nice, Feminism, Self, Beautiful Words
a woman in a kimono with the caption that says, i don't know