Nukketeatteri NUKU

Estonian State Puppet Theatre is the national professional children's and youth theater, was founded in Old Town, Tallinn

Posetiivari Raatihuoneentorilla

the medieval market, Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia



Kiek in de Kök

Kiek in de Kök was the most powerful cannon tower in Northern Europe. It is written in the chronicles that Kiek in de Kök was once the most powerful tower along the Baltic shores.

Bastionien tunnelit

Bastion Tunnels, Old Town. Like any respectable Medieval town, Tallinn has its share of underground passageways, particularly the defensive tunnel systems built in the during the time of Swedish rule.

Kadriorgin palatsi - Kadriorgin taidemuseo

Sites not to Miss in Tallinn from the Visitors Web site