Sofi Oksanen - Puhdistus (Purge)

Kirja kirjailijalta, jonka tuotantoa et ole lukenut aiemmin

Katja Kettu - Kätilö

Story of Finnish woman falling in love with German soldier during wartime in Lapland Finland around Storytelling is powerful and brilliant.highly recommend this book!

Risto Isomäki - Sarasvatin hiekkaa

One of my true favorites, yksi ehdottomista suosikeistani.

Conn Iggulden - The Wolf of the Plains (Conqueror series pt I)

Conn Iggulden's second historical fiction series centering on Genghis Khan. A thing of gritty beauty.

Conn Iggulden - Bones of the Hills (Conqueror series pt III)

Bones of the Hills (Conqueror , book by Conn Iggulden - book cover, description, publication history.

André Brink - Imaginings of Sand

has long been one of my favourite books

Conn Iggulden - Lords of the Bow (Conqueror series pt II)

Loved all of Iggulden's Conqueror series choose this one to represented it. On the back of his fabulous series I was insoired to read more history about Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Amazing people and an incredible era of history.