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Do you know the difference between there, their, and they're? Here's a handy little grammar reference guide to the correct usage of those words. Oh yeah, and it has zombies. ;) #grammar #punctuation

I'm not a fan of grammar-nazi stuff (the point of communication is to be understood; being pedantic about grammar is a particularly snide exhibition of "my education was better than yours", as if that's important), but this made me smile.

grammar humor - Google Search

Error: No commas. There needs to be a comma after "paste" Grammar Win: We're going to learn to cut and paste, kids!

Learn some finnish. I can verify this, I'm a finn and I (really) speak this language ;

How do kissing, snoring and other things sound In different languages?.. animal noises made by humans also sounds different.. ie: english: woof and chinese: wua

How kissing, snoring, eating and other things sound in different languages / Comment embrasser, ronfler, manger and d'autres choses sonnent dans différentes langues

5 Web Comics for Language and Travel Nerds - LATG

Comic about reading in a non-native language; from when Obama was US president