Aarikka Fall 2016 Home Accessories

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Unique design, natural materials, assembled by hand in Finland
Its round shape and hanging ball decoration bring a cheerful look to the Pouta cutting board. The handy size of the maple wood board means it can double as serving tray for the everyday dining table. Its practical function makes the cutting board a thoughtful gift for the summer cottage or a housewarming party. Designed by Marianne Siponmaa. Material wood:maple, size ø 28 cm. www.aarikka.com
Pouta mirror by Marianne Siponmaa.  www.aarikka.com
Pouta wooden buttons for noticeboard. www.aarikka.com
Spektri box, big. www.aarikka.com
Keisarinna table. www.aarikka.com
Home accessories like Nuppu vase and Spectri box. www.aarikka.com
Tovi table watch. Design by Saija Malila. www.aarikka.com
Clocks & Mirrors www.aarikka.com
Unique design, natural materials, assembled by hand in Finland. The mirrow is designed by Pauliina Aarikka. www.aarikka.com

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Anemonia ring - Aarikka
Aarikka - Silver jewelry : Nano earrings
by Aarikka
Aarikka - Hopeakorut : Anemonia sormus
Aarikka - Rings : Juhannus ring
The beautiful Seita necklace, with its clarity of line, combines natural materials and metal. The wooden ball of the dynamic necklace is available in shades from cloud-white to sun or the black of the Seita stone.  Designer Pauliina Aarikka.  Wood, jewellery metal, lether cord spring lock, extensible, length 50 cm. Handmade in Finland.
Sormukset • Aarikka Nummi, lupiini, metsä, nappi <3
Nano earrings, white - Aarikka
Ravelry: Gypsy Rose Cardi pattern by Hélène Rush
Dark stripes on acorn-like wooden beads in the Tatar key chain necklace create a rhythmical texture. Keep your keys or ID card always to hand at the end of this stylish cord. Designed by Tina Willström.  Materials: maple, cotton cord. Lenght 90cm.  Hand made in Finland.