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Baby Massage Benefits
This is what we call the calming hold. The power of calming, grounding touch cannot be overstated. Babies require pressure to feel secure and contained. By holding your baby using this simple cupping technique, you will help decrease cortisol (stress hormones) and the tension that comes from being out of womb. It’s a form of gentle containment that helps all babies feel secure. Update: this is a technique from the amazing @laylacremer Here, she shows a part of her healing method, the incarnation procession. According to her technique, many emotions are stored in the navel chakra, because Moos' birth was stressful. It is precisely because his mother provides the healing that Moss feels safe enough to release the stored discharge. My method falls under my registered brand Healing Babies™ H
an x - ray shows the location of the lungs and their corresponding functions in each region
the different types of shock in an english text book, which is also used to describe what
Types of Shock #nursingstudent #nurse #resources - Image Credits: futurenursebay
Neck Veins, Cardiac Assessment, Jugular Vein, Medical School Inspiration
Closer Than Your Jugular Vein