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❖ WELCOME TO YOUR FAVOURITE SHOP FOR MOISSANITE JEWELRY ❖ Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Vintage Rose Gold Cluster Anniversary Ring Set Bridal Ring Set Marquise Art Deco Ring Promise Gift  CENTER STONE  →Type : moissanite Diamond →Shape: Oval Cut →Size :  8x6  mm →Weight : 1.25  Carat Approx → Color : White → Clarity : VVS → Luster: Excellent  SIDE STONE  →Type : moissanite Diamond → Shape: Marquise   → Color: DEF → Clarity:vvs → Luster: Excellent  WEDDING BAND  →Type : moissanite Diamo


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if i infodump ur either my best friend or im actually in love with you anyways i reallt like twenty one pilots

Twenty one pilots

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Stranger Things

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DIY - Sweet Treats : Incredible Hulk Rice Krispie Treats
Superhero Birthday Party Ideas: Avengers and Power Rangers
MARVEL Avengers Bento Lunch #MARVELSnackBar #CollectiveBias #ad

party ideas

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gossip girl

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Lily's English accent
I'm really going to miss how i met your mother #himym
Robin and Barney season 9x12 Rehearsal Dinner


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*don't forget to check out our socks. Soap,and candles that are also dr pepper themed  These are super fun. They are frosted glass cups that come with a bamboo lid and plastic straw . I now have these in clear, frosted and holographic sparkle cups!  Edit: holographic. Is sold out but we do have new half frosted half red cups too :)  They make amazing gifts! My supplier sent me 100 of the clear glass cups on accident instead of a different color I had ordered that is why they are much cheaper. Th


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an image of someone's text message to her friend on instagram about being in bed
So beautiful, everyone should read
two texts from the same person on their cell phones, one is telling them how to get bored
its to escape the horrors
dw guys im discussing this w my therapist
two tweets with the same caption on them, one is asking to someone
a drawing of a man's head with the caption that reads, this enormous bend symbol was actually designed by the jumble group that the
if i infodump ur either my best friend or im actually in love with you anyways i reallt like twenty one pilots
a painting of a bee holding a branch in its mouth and walking away from the camera
a shirtless man holding two red sticks in his right hand and looking at the camera
two men in red and blue jumpsuits standing next to each other on stage
i'm the janitor and I care what u think
two people sitting on a stage talking to each other and one person holding a cell phone
I love them so much
an image of a man making funny faces with his hand on his face and the caption that says, when did you first fight?
"Get in my face!"
two men talking to each other in front of a stage with flowers and microphones
•the sun will rise and we will try again•