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loved this earlier pin - let me add this:    the hand of the philosophers - alchemical drawing, 1773

mind of the microcosm The "Hand of the Philosopher" or the "Hand of the Mysteries" One of my favs! The Hand of the Mysteries, which .

Ready-to-wear Sabina Satin Black 1500x 001

Acne Studios Sabina Satin black is a below-the-knee length a-line skirt based on lingerie.

Main de Sabazios, objet votif orné d'un buste de Mercure accompagné de divers attributs. (Translation Greek, Etruscan, and Roman. Title: Sabazios hand, votive object adorned with a bust of Mercury with various attributes)

Roman Bronze Hand of Sabazios, Century CE. Bronze hands characterized by three raised fingers (thumb, index and middle finger) were offered to the Phrygian deity Sabazios, whose cult developed in Rome during the Empire.

Bronze hand used in the worship of Sabazius, probably attached to poles for processional use.  This hand is a genuine Roman bronze of the first century AD, but was repatinated by the great collector Richard Payne Knight in the early nineteenth century to give it the black appearance he and other early collectors were convinced it had originally possessed.

“ The Emblematic Hand of the Mysteries. The British Museum Collection, Bronze hand used in the worship of Sabazius, probably attached to poles for processional.

Gnostic Hand - "Het Gnosticisme was inderdaad meer een filosofie dan een religie, en stelde meer belang in de dingen van het universum dan in de dingen van den dienst Gods. Het was niet een Chr. maar een heidensche richting." - F.W. Grosheide - Korte Christelijke Encyclopaedie - 1934

workman: “ The Emblematic Hand of the Mysteries is a hand covered with numerous symbols was extended to the neophytes when they entered into the Temple of Wisdom. An understanding of the embossed upon the surface of the hand brought.

Hand built ceramic abstract form / vessel / vase.. £90.00, via Etsy.

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