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Abstract Art by Rajan Seth | Shop Abstract Art in London, UK
a painting with the words how i improve my paintings using just 4 lines
How to Use the Rule of Thirds
the cover of how i improve my paintings using just 4 lines
The Power of Composition
Painting with Newspaper Abstract art
Landscape oil painting knife painting
a painting with the words how to paint trees detailed guide on it and an image of a tree
How to Paint Trees (Detailed Guide)
Adding Color: Part 4
Art Process - Lisa Parkyn
Instagram nass.irina
Creating the textured surface of an abstract landscape painting, modern large mixed media on canvas
This is a time lapse video about creating a textured surface for my abstract paintings. First, I mix sand, gesso and acrylic resin binder. Then, I apply it to the canvas, spreading it with my hands. Where I want to realise thinner areas, I water them - either directly spraying the canvas or wetting my hands. Then I let it dry for approx. 1 day. Usually I do this in more phases, so the coarse and fine-grained areas are exactly how I want them to be 😉 #abstractart #artistlife #diyart #mixedmedia
Adding a second acrylic color and creating mist effects in an abstract landscape painting on canvas
a painting of steps leading to a building with flowers in the foreground and an open door
Colley Whisson video series — TAAO
an older man is painting on canvass with blue and white colors in the background
Zao Wou Ki peint dans son atelier parisien
palette knife painting
an abstract painting with the words what is a monotype in art? monopoly vs monoprint
What Is A Monotype In Art? [Monotype vs Monoprint]
the words, 16 ways to make a painting more abstract
16 ways to make a painting more abstract - Tara Leaver
an image of trees in the snow with text that reads colors how to use them in order to get realistic results
Can't get Realistic Results?
Artist at Work
an old, dirty area in the middle of a floor that has been painted white and brown
Making a painting go pop!
painting with oils & wax