Abir Waked
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beautiful hand made wedding keepsake album. Lots more pics on the blog entry  injoystampin.com blog
Hashtag Hijab Outfit #34
Hashtag Hijab Outfit #293- I don't wear a hijab but this is gorgeous!!
I love the fact that it's based on the traditional wedding but has a twist. The hijab is beautiful
DIY 3D Butterfly-Shaped Greeting Card
(A través de CASA REINAL) >>>>  Great design by Jonathan Shackleton
DIY Woven Basket Organizer from Paper Roll | www.FabArtDIY.com LIKE Us on Facebook ==> https://www.facebook.com/FabArtDIY
DIY basket from recycled newspaper magazines ( http://pienivarpunen.blogspot.com/2013/09/diy-sanomalehdista-itse-punottuja-koreja.html )
best diy and crafts ideas ever