* Come to Finland vintage postcard // "res med båt över Stockholm till Finland"

Finland travel poster, Albert Andersson, Come to Finland, home of giant topless mermaids!


Porvoo - Finland the church up in the hill is from y. and has burned down many times, latest was summer Red barns and old houses tell story of maritime merchandy, and hard times at those little seashore town during the centuries.

The Finnish stamps to be released in Japan have been designed by Tommi Vallisto.

Joulupostimerkki 2010 The Finnish stamps to be released in Japan, designed by Tommi Vallisto.

Whooper Swan, the national bird of Finland.

Whooper Swans in a heart shape. Apparently the national bird of Finland.

Old Finnish coffee add from Paulig. My Grandmother used to have a coffee grinder like the one pictured.  My moms side of the family are from Finland.  I have been drinking coffee since I was 4 or 5... very traditional.  Coffee is in my blood..almost literally

Old Finnish coffee ad from Paulig. For basic, regular coffee, this is the best in the world. Maybe that's why the Finnish drink more coffee than anyone else.