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two glasses filled with watermelon cocktails on top of a table next to flowers
Sex On The Beach Drink Recipe
two bottles of alcohol sit on a table next to a cocktail glass
New! Malibu Ready to Serve Cocktails
Say hello to our new Ready to Serve cocktails, perfectly premixed for those spontaneous summer get-togethers 🪩🍍🧊
Bomb Pop
Bomb Pop
A Bomb Pop cocktail, inspired by the colorful, layered Bomb Pop popsicle, can be a fun and festive drink for parties, especially during summer events like the Fourth of July. #bombpopcocktail
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Tipsy Mermaid
Gather your friends and toast to good times with a Tipsy Mermaid cocktail! This delightful mix includes Midori, white rum, and pineapple juice, with a splash of blue curacao for a stunning layered look. #tipsymermaidcocktail
the long island sunset cocktail features vodka, tequila, orange juice, pineapple juice and blue raspberry syrup
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a wooden table next to bottles of alcohol
a quote that reads, no one is more real than your mom she'll tell you
the strawberry long island cocktail is ready to be served
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a table