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an owl is sitting on top of a piece of paper next to pearls and beads
an altered photograph of a green door with vines on the outside and clock in the background
Тайная дверь души
Маленькое панно 20*20см . Объемное, тактильное, волшебное
a close up of a clock made out of metal gears and other things on a table
Scrapbooking steampunk card "I love you".
Scrapbooking steampunk card "I love you". - Scrapbook.com
two pictures of an old book with tassels on the pages and one has a photo in it
a piece of art made out of rocks and wood
seahorses and seashells are depicted in this mixed media collage, created by the artist
an old doll house with lots of decorations on the front and side of it's roof
Pin on Furniture DIY (Gothic, Steampunk, Antique, Vintage, Medieval, and Modern)
Стимпанк Кукольный дом, не забудьте проверить нас на Fb ...:
an old bottle that is sitting on the ground in front of a house with shells around it
an owl is sitting on top of a piece of art that has words and symbols all over it
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of stones and wood
Thaden Mosaics
Fragile Earth #clayart #craft #sculpture #creative
an intricately carved leather book on a bed
The Owl - Mixed Media Journal
an abstract painting with seashells and bubbles
an art work with seashells and starfish on the bottom half of it
Mixed media 2019
an old book with gears and letters on it's cover is being used as a postcard
Steampunk Notes and a swap!
an old box with decorative designs on it sitting on a tree stump in the woods
Dig out your treasures!!
Klair. V. Mixed Media Artist!: Dig out your treasures!!
an art piece made out of stones with a lizard on it's back end
Karen Klassen Mosaics - Visual Mixed Media Artist
a metal plaque with a bee on it
an art work made with blue and green paint on a wooden table next to shells