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I want this bedroom!

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Had to post this one for the WOW factor.  Not my colors but it definitely has the glam..and my curtained wall!

All black everything! Black tufted sleigh bed with cubby headboard! Black crystal chandelier and black throw, rug, and pillows! Black lampshades and mirrored side tables and dresser. Its so glam, and so fabulous!

What a day. The world may be a cold and dismal place, but at least you'll always have the mall to turn that black-lipsticked frown upside down. | A Day In The Life Of A Mall Goth

Heres a goth in a Walmart ironically hula hooping. Goths love going to Walmart and messing around ironically to show theyre not beholden to The Man. Keep up the good work, goth teen.