Offer web design for the individual, family, business or charity.

Little Hero Designs can help you create the website you are dreaming of from a blank canvas and can work with any designs of your preference.

Breezy HR

Recruiting software for small teams doing big things.

Haute2Wear: For The Everyday Fashionista

For The Everyday Fashionista

Filter cosmetic products to your needs.

You can spend hours in a retail store scouring the makeup aisles or you can join RUE CINQ and get expert product recommendations online and in real time.

Let's shoot!

Looking to collaborate with photographers, models, and stylists to create amazing images?

Growth Hacking

Team providing useful growth resources to help accelerate each process. Explore new ways, collaborate and get inspired.

Healthy and Fit

Oz & Roizen: How to Fit Working Out into Your Tight Schedule - Having trouble getting motivated to exercise? Learn your IBCs: Be Intentional, find a Buddy and get Creative.

Change the World!

Your Boarding Pass to the exciting world of High Tech. In Just 24 weeks, you will be approached by the hottest tech companies in the world.

Relocation social network for people moving to London

Room in the Moon helps with the practical and emotional aspects of moving abroad

AdHipster featured on Launching Next!

AdHipster: Get a fancy ad for your business for free!

Simple store for Facebook

Simple store for Facebook

Savvy Media is a Culture Obsessed, Creative Influencer Agency.

We provide brands a direct link to leverage our demographic of influence in the various verticals of Art, Film, Music, EDM, Fashion & Entertainment. Savvy City is a part of our social empire.

Visual Keyword Research & Competitor Tools

African Plant & Equipment webdesign by iFactory.