Flatweave kilim

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an old afghan rug is laying on the floor
2x3 Afghan Kilim,Flat Weave Kilim,Handwoven Kilim,Chobi Kilim,Home Decor,18508 | eBay
the rug is on the floor and it has red squares in between two squares that are brown
4x6 Feet,Afghan Kilim,Wool Kilim,Flat Weave Kilim,Stunning Large Kilim,16310 | eBay
a red and black rug with many different designs on it's sides, sitting on the ground
4x2 Feet,Turkish Kilim,Anatolian Kilim,Flatweave kilim,Home Decor Kilim,14283 | eBay
an old rug is laying on the ground with no one around it or someone else
3x5 Feet,Vintage Turkish kilim,Flatweave Handmade kilim,Home Decor Kilim,9450 | eBay