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Find the perfect accent pieces to highlight your style in each room of your home.
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an ad for the american plant company with plants in pots and a toy giraffe
Faux Plants!
🌿 Add some greenery in your space to help elevate your mood and the overall design feel of your home. Even better, when you don't have to water them! 💧
there are many different types of plants in the room
Faux Plants
At some greenery in your space to help elevate your mood and the overall design feel of your home. Even better, when you don't have to water them!
a cowhide rug with the words, shop one today and now price $ 1
How to design with cowhides
You may think cowhide rugs are only suited for a particular style, but these durable rugs transcend design styles. Variations in cowhide colors and patterns allow a seamless fit in any décor from contemporary to modern styles. If you’re looking to add a unique piece to your space, a cowhide rug may be the best choice. Click here to continue reading for ideas on how to incorporate them in your home design.
a painting hanging on the wall next to a coat rack
Affordable Artwork!
We sometimes forget the simplest additions in our space can make the biggest impact. If you've decorated your home with neutral tones and added in pops of color with décor, matching art pieces on your walls can sometimes make the boldest statements. If you've made your statement pieces with your furniture, you can add in more neutral tones with artwork as well. The possibilities are endless with art!
Pillow Décor
Get your pillow fix at AFW for as low as $6/each!
a table with a plant, notebook and pen on it in front of a couch
Redesign Your Space From Home
Staying at home is an ideal time to renew your home and make way for the warmer months ahead. Instead of sticking to the usual spring cleaning routine this year, take your spring refresh a step further and redesign your favorite living areas. It’s easier to do than you think!
a blue couch sitting next to a potted plant on top of a hard wood floor
Greenery & Pots
Decorate your interior or exterior with plants you can't kill. No need to water these plants! Dress them up with a variety of pots that work for indoors and outdoor decorations!
a woman painting a wall with blue paint
DIY Textured Accent Wall
Refresh your space this spring with a textured accent wall. This DIY technique is budget friendly and isn’t overly time consuming. Follow these five steps and wow your friends and family with your design skills!
a living room with couches, chairs and clock on the wall in front of it
Home Decoration Ideas
Get inspired to update your living space! Here’s how we created four different designs with cocktails, clocks, and canvases that work together to make a statement.
a blue cabinet next to a potted plant
Storage Ideas
Get creative with storage by using accent cabinets!
a white bench sitting next to a potted plant on top of a wooden floor
Home Decor Ideas
Create your own indoor retreat with trending faux plants and whimsical accent furniture pieces such as a distressed bench.
a white chair sitting in front of a gray wall with the words, cozy throws home decor
Design Tips for the Home
Add throw blankets to any room in your home. See our collection!
a blue chair in front of a window with the words classic blue on it and an image of a potted plant
Color of the Year 2020
Shop this look and discover easy ways to incorporate the Classic Blue color of the year into your home!
an open door leading to a bedroom with white walls and wooden flooring, along with a bed in the corner
Decorating with Accent Furniture
Here are 5 easy ways you can add accent furniture to your home.