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several drawings of different types of heads and faces are shown on a sheet of paper
ghost (•_•)
two people in black jackets with skulls on their faces and one person wearing headphones
09 Ghost (not mine!)
affectbitter on Twitter
two soldiers are standing next to each other
Konig and Ghost
Task Force 141, Dark Soul
Natalie (@Erolie) on X
two men dressed in costumes standing next to each other with speech bubbles above their heads
Visa Letters Application
three different views of the same character
nona || COMMS OPEN
an image of two wolfs and one is talking to each other
bluegiragi (18+)
cockatrice (part 2) early access + nsfw on patreon -- werewolf lore drop ahead!! although werewolves are classified as a...
Cod Pfp, Very Bad, Twitter
a person in a black hoodie holding a book and a skull on their head