Free Fairytale elements anchor chart!

Fairytales are old stories told and retold again, but do they deserve a place in a modern language arts curriculum? Besides the fact that the Common Core standards require exposure Continue Reading >>>

This is a small sheet that I use with my kiddos whenever introducing a new story that we will be studying for a few days. The first day that introduce the story I always model a picture walk and think aloud. The kiddos then make predictions (on this document) based on what we saw and thought about the story. Then we fold them up and place them in a "Prediction Pail." After we read the story we quickly go through all of the predictions and see how close their thinking was to the actual story.

Use these prediction sheets on the first day you introduce a story. Put them in a Prediction Pail. Toward the end of the week read them to see how close students predictions were to the story for the week.

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Kettu, harakka ja varis -satu (kuuntelu- ja lukuvaihtoehdot)

Kettu, harakka ja varis -satu (kuuntelu- ja lukuvaihtoehdot)