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Beginning of the year

Back to School: Beginning of the Year Activities Pack

Includes US and UK/Canadian Spellings! Start off the new school year with these ice breakers and community building activities. This pack includes: * Classmate Scavenger Hunt (Primary and Intermediate-lined) * Find a Friend Scavenger Hunt (Primary and Intermediate-lined) * Materials for "Two Tru...

inspire. love. learn.: Everybody is Somebody back to school door.

Everybody is Somebody

Our school's theme this year is "Everybody is Somebody." So I decided to have the kiddos decorate puzzle pieces to display their unique personalities: their interest, their hobbies, their favorites, their families, etc. Then I put all of the puzzle pieces together to show how even though we are all unique, individual people we all still fit perfectly together as one class. Thus, "Everybody is somebody...and we fit right together!" Our Board Right Outside Our Classroom Door A Close-Up of Some…

Northern lights project using paper and chalk pastel

Aurora Borealis Mixed-Media Nightscapes

Northern lights project using paper and chalk pastel

Classroom door decor

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Check out all the fun things we are doing in room 28!

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Itsetuntemus | Suomen Mielenterveysseura


Itsetuntemus on avain hyvinvointiin sekä muiden kohtaamiseen. Omien vahvuuksien tunnistaminen sekä itsensä kehittäminen tukevat hyvää itsetuntoa. Temperamentit tutuiksi! -oppituntiTUNNIN ALOITUSMinä myös!Tavoite: omien vahvuuksien tunnistaminen ja tunnustaminen.