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EL SOL I LA LLUNA Aquesta activitat es centra en la creació d'una imatge amb tons càlids i freds, juntament amb la línia i la forma. Necessitem: - Paper blanc tallat de 30 x 30 cm. - llapis - ceres grasses - marcador permanent negre - vernís fixador De quin color pintaries el sol? De quin color pintaries la lluna? Aquestes dues preguntes ens han servit per iniciar la conversa sobre les semblances i diferències entre els dos astres. Parlem sobre els colors càlids i els colors freds . Decidim…

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Color Theory for Kids {free printable color book} - worksheet style for sketch pads Art Lessons Elementary, Lessons For Kids, Middle School Art, Art School, Classe D'art, Art Handouts, Art Worksheets, Art Curriculum, School Art Projects

Color Theory for Kids {free printable color book}

I'm taking continuing education night classes in graphic design. A few nights into the class, we spent three hours on color theory. It was crazy cool and I had an inkling my boys might find it interesting too. I made them a fun interactive book to complete. It explains the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, complementary colors, and tints and shades. We used our DIY marbleized paper as the cover! Supplies downloaded PDF of the book heavyweight cardstock crayons, colored pencils, or…

Teach and Shoot: Elementary Art Unit: Color Theory : Color Wheel. turn into a fraction lesson with coloring parts of the whole Grade 1 Art, First Grade Art, Second Grade, Kindergarten Art Lessons, Art Lessons Elementary, Teaching Elementary Art, Color Wheel Art, Color Wheel Lesson, Ecole Art

Elementary Art Unit: Color Theory

I have been kind of slack on updating this blog, but I'm hoping to get better! My photography blog and my classroom webpage take my attention away from here, even though this blog is my baby. I wanted to blog about teaching elementary art units across grade levels. Last year I tried this a few times, mostly for my sanity, but also to help manage time by using similar supplies across grades. I did an ancient art unit with k-5 last year and it was really fun. It was also quick and easy to…

High School Art Lesson Color Theory art teacher creatureprimary and secondary . Fashionhome : High School Art Lesson Color Theory art teacher creatureprimary and secondary . Color Wheel Lesson, Color Wheel Projects, Color Wheel Art, Programme D'art, Classe D'art, Visual Thinking, High School Art Projects, School Ideas, 6th Grade Art

Example of finished color wheel project

Example of finished color wheel in colored pencils. Detail of warm colors in the color wheel Detail of cool colors in the color wheel

SINKING SPRINGS ART: COMPLEMENTARY COLOR WHEELS - 5th Color Wheel Lesson, Color Wheel Projects, Color Wheel Art, Complementary Color Wheel, Color Art Lessons, 7th Grade Art, School Art Projects, Art Lessons Elementary, Spring Art


Thank you to h_mazzuto at Art, Paper, Scissors, Glue for the basic idea for this lesson. Our 5th grade artists reviewed the primary, secondary, and complementary colors and why they are positioned where they are on the color wheel. We then talked about the intermediate or tertiary colors and how we can mix specific primary and secondary colors to create them. For example yellow and green mix to make yellow-green. 1. Students traced a circle template on their 12"x12"white drawing paper. They…

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Tämänkertaisena aiheena kuviksessa oli värioppi. Mikä on väri? Väri on fysikaalinen, aistimuksellinen, psykologinen ja kulttuurinen ilmiö. Värin määrittely tyhjentävästi on osoittautunut vaikeaksi tehtäväksi. Väri on kiehtonut sekä tiedemiehiä, että taiteilijoita. Isaac Newton osoitti jo 1600-luvulla, että valkoisen valon voi prisman avulla hajottaa spektriksi eli värikirjoksi. Väri syntyy valosta. Ellei ole valoa, ei ole myöskään värejä. Väri, kuten valokin on sähkömagneettista säteilyä…

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