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Paperbag made from Marimekko wax fabric / Kehtosirkus: kesäkuu 2014

marimekko collection spring kevat kesa summer 2014

marimekko collection spring kevat kesa summer This bedding in a room with our sunny yellow lacquered jewellery box would be such a playful modern space.



Räsymatto blanket, black, by Marimekko.

Marimekko’s soft Räsymatto knitted blanket features Maija Louekari’s fun pattern on both sides with reverse colours. The blanket is made of wool and polyamide blend and measures 130 x 192 cm.

pentik pastelli

A modern style does not have to be cold and clinical! Minna Niskakangas designed a trendy pattern with her mellow and engaging touch. The name "Pastelli" refers to the drawing technique and the sweet shapes and colours boosted with black details.

Huopapallomatto - Google+ #HuopaPalloMatto #sisustus #valkoinen #matto

Huopapallomatto - Google+ #HuopaPalloMatto #sisustus #valkoinen #matto

Artek SIENA tyynypäällinen 50x50 - wilmainterior.fi

The Siena Pillow Cover features Alvar Aalto's Siena fabric pattern designed in The series of simple repeated bars creates a distinctively modern impression in 1 of 2 colors in cotton.