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an alley way with tables and chairs on the side, in front of some buildings
Photography ,Fine art and sometimes History
breathtakingdestinations: “Procida - Italy (by Vittorio Pandolfi) ”
several people are standing on the stairs in an old city with yellow walls and balconies
Exile Island
an outdoor cafe with tables and chairs next to a body of water in front of buildings
Ventotene (Italia)
several boats floating on the water in front of buildings
Chianalea un borgo che vive sul mare.
the mountains are covered in clouds and green grass, while houses sit on either side of a winding road
Jispa, Lahaul Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India 🇮🇳💓💓
an aerial view of a city with lots of green trees and mountains in the background
the mountains are covered with snow in the distance, and houses on the hill have balconies
Reise nach Nepal
some people are walking up steps in the mountains and there is a mountain behind them
Hello Machhapuchhre 🙂 Phot
an aerial view of some houses in the middle of a mountain range with fog coming off the mountains behind them
a yellow vehicle driving down a street next to a building with a thatched roof
Periyakuppam, Tamil Nadu, India.
a car parked in front of a pink house
VIDEO: How The Simple Bindi Can Save Millions Of Lives
MY STORY IN PHOTOS: I Thought Villages In India Were Dirty And Unhygeinic Till I Saw THIS Village! - The Better India
two motorcycles parked on the side of a road next to small shacks and telephone poles
Savandurga: Rustic Sunday Motorcycling Day Trip from Bangalore
Riding through rural roads of Karnataka to reach Savanadurga