Look behind the emotions of a child, look beyond the behaviors. Emotions are the language of childhood. try getting to the root cause. Exlore what is behind the feelings.

i LOVE this! it can be stressful teaching 20 Preschoolers all at once, but this is something i need to remember more :)

People always say "how can children learn if they just play all day?" Remember: through play children are learning all the skills they need during life, from mathematical thinking to social understanding.

LINK TO NOWHERE, but keeping the image for ideas. No sew busy book - lots of velcro, foam board, card stock & some felt. Chipboard book found at Michaels

"Play is essential to the development and learning of young children. Not optional…essential. Children learn as they play. In fact, play provides the perfect context for learning for the whole child - mental, verbal, social, physical, creative and emotional, in a way most structured classroom-style activities do not. "   ~ Making Play Great, Play Grow Learn Issue On

Fresh Find: A New "Playzine" + A Free Printable Just for You

This is a wonderful and cute description of the importance of play in a child's life. Play is so incredibly important for a child to grow and learn. A great way for a CCLS to evaluate a patient is to observe how a child plays.

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Why is play important for children's development - free printable poster

Why is play important? printable poster

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8x10 Digital file Please Excuse our mess. by CarlyGriffithDesigns

8x10 Digital file - Please Excuse our mess. The kids are making memories - Wall Art Printable

Digital file - Please Excuse our mess. The kids are making memories - Wall Art Printable