Sanna Salminen .

Sanna Salminen .

Sanna Salminen .
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Bts Jungkook♡| Jungkook♧| Jeon Jeongguk♤ | Jeon Jeong-Guk♢

The pictures from this photoshop make me feel all sorts of emotions and its messing with my heart <<< Feeling it friend. I'm feeling it too.

Him and his rainbow hair <3 He looks really adorable

EXO Reaction to You Flirting With A Police Officer Anon said: Hello! Can you please do an EXO gif reaction of you (their gf) flirting with the police to get out of a speeding ticket?


Is is wrong that I expected someone to add pics of Kris, Luhan, & Tao for The Lost Planet and then something like "photo not found" for Kris & Luhan in the Exoluxion section and/or a pic of Tao crying? <<<< I was expecting the same thing